Having recently purchased a condo in Park City , we contacted Wayne Emme at Home Team Properties to assist us in the process of having the unit spruced up even before we saw it for the first time. We arranged to have Wayne and his crews to paint and re-carpet as well as take delivery and assemble furniture that we had shipped. This work was completed promptly and cost effectively, thereby saving me the need to make a special trip before the unit was ready.  They have since been our "Go to Guys" at our home in Salt Lake City to take care of other issues as well.  After a recent stay, we contacted Home Team to have our property completely cleaned; his HandyGALS did a great job.  It is truly worthwhile to have someone we can trust with our homes.   We would recommend Home Team Properties to anyone with a home in Park City . 

Rick & Cheryl M. 
Park City & Salt  Lake City

I was referred to Condo Team Remodeling, now known as Home Team Properties, initially to convert our home garage into an office. Wayne returned my call promptly and came over to review my requirements. He was very professional in all aspects of his business. When the scope of the work was understood, Wayne then came back with the appropriate subcontractors to more accurately measure and estimate the job and time necessary to complete the work.  The bid process went smoothly and we quickly moved forward. After work commenced, his crew discovered water damage; he quickly communicated the problem, came up with a plan and the issue was repaired completely.  The entire job was completed on schedule and within budget. Overall, Home Team Properties exceeded my expectations and I have since had them return for additional work. 

Charles J.
Jeremy Ranch

We found Wayne 's company on the web initially to seek their assistance in the retrofitting of a home we purchased in Promontory. The home had been stripped by the previous owner before the bank took it back. As a licensed General Contractor, who has built large homes like this, Wayne monitored and reported daily on the progress of replacing components of all kinds back into the house properly. Since we live and work out of the country, he was my eyes and ears on this job. After completion, we hired Home Team to conduct the necessary concierge home service so as to ensure that our new home is secure as well as kept warm and dry in our absence. Their service keeps us safe from all those things that usually go wrong when you are not there. As ongoing maintenance comes up, they handle it promptly and cost effectively. It is very comforting to know that our home is being professionally cared for by Home Team Properties.

Craig & Laura B. 

As a rental agent, I depend on Home Team Properties for all of my HandyMEN and home maintenance needs.  They make life easier for me, the home owners and the renters.    They are reliable, efficient and professional every time.  I highly recommend Home Team.  

Tom W.




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